About Us

Boil Up are a ten piece band based in Hobart. A melting pot of contemporary Australia, their roots stretch from the traditional owners of Tasmania, New Zealand and Fiji, to as far away as Ireland, England and Croatia; celebrating the coming together of different cultures into one family. Featuring rich harmonies blended together with traditional reggae, funk and R&B, Boil Up have created their own unique sound of reggae fusion. The musical ingredients and recipe have evolved over the years to create an energetic and entertaining human boilup that will leave you wanting a second helping.


The Boil Up Family

Kara Pirere – Lead Vocals
Morehu Thompson - Lead Vocals
Regina Mistry – Backing Vocals
Tio Pirere – Drums, Lead and Backing Vocals
Andry Sculthorpe  – Guitar and Vocals
Andrew Harbinson - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Hayden Dare – Trombone and Vocals
David Titherley – Trumpet and Keyboard
Gregg Ransley – Sound Engineer